Dorien Plaat

Dorien Plaat found hers in a poem by the Brazilian Drummond de Andrade, entitled ‘Smaller Life’.

“Neither the lifeless,
nor the everlasting or the divine,
only the living,
the extremely small, silent, stolid
and lonely living.
That is what I seek.”

Artist statement

Artist statement Dorien Plaat

In my work I try to look for small gestures, purity, no caricatures, vulnerability. I look for the moment a caracter is unawear of onlookers and shows himself onabserved.
I try not to show them naked to the bones but behind the surface they are trying to hide. Skins are thin and frail as are the colours they are painted in. The caracter can be a human or an animal.

At the same time you can feel the distance between you and the caracter shown. They might want to show their vulnerability but they at he same time hold distance.

The eyes are the most important they keep looking at you trying to hold your attention and asking you…you are looking at me but who are you?
I paint the unseen,transgenders, lonely people , bullied children….
I feel for them and by painting them maybe try to reach out , or resolve my own pain attempts to